From reduced costs to convenience and safety, more and more patients are discovering the many phenomenal benefits of telemedicine! Telemedicine is an easy way to communicate with your doctor from the comfort of home and receive quality care for a fraction of the price of an in-person visit.

Many more physicians are offering telemedicine services than ever before. Browse our list of doctors below and read on to discover some of the incredible benefits that you can experience with telemedicine.

Easier for patients with limited mobility

For patients who have trouble getting around due to illness, age or any other factor, telemedicine ensures that they can still get the help they need. Receiving care from home means no hassle dealing with transportation, climbing flights of stairs, cramped elevators and long walking distances.

Safer for immunocompromised patients

For patients with weakened immune systems, telemedicine allows them to receive the care they need without the risk of being exposed to transmittable diseases through transportation or waiting room lobbies.

More cost-effective than in-person appointments

Telemedicine appointments on average are much more affordable than in-person visits, and many insurance companies now cover telemedicine services. Be sure to contact the clinic and your health insurance provider for specific pricing and coverage information.

Less risk of spreading illness

During public outbreaks of highly contagious diseases such as COVID-19 and strains of the flu, we all can protect those around us and increase public safety by social distancing and remaining home. If you suspect you may have a highly contagious disease, receiving a diagnosis through telemedicine can help you get the information you need without putting others at risk.

Care from the convenience of home

In-person consultations are inconvenient. You have to travel to the clinic, sit in a waiting room with other sick patients, and then wait to see a doctor in a separate, isolated room. All the while, you either need a quick checkup or you are feeling ill.

Telemedicine removes those inconveniences we’ve grown accustomed to. With telemedicine you can get care from the comfort of home without stepping foot outside.

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