Medical Weight Loss of NY, PLLC

Medical Weight Loss of NY, PLLC

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Fayetteville, New York 13066
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Wendy Scinta, M.D. - Fayetteville New York Bioidentical Hormone Doctor

Fayetteville New York Bioidentical Hormone Doctor Wendy Scinta M.D. at Medical Weight Loss of NY is a nationally recognized expert on adult and childhood obesity treatment and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. She has been practicing medicine for over 15 years and has helped hundreds of her patients reach their fitness and health goals. Dr. Scinta’s mission is to offer her patients high-quality, physician directed and customized treatments. She focuses on developing partnerships with her patients and on cultivating strong doctor-patient relationships in a warm and caring environment. As a board-certified Bariatric and Family Medicine physician and one of 2014 America’s Top Doctors from the Consumers Research Council of America. Wendy Scinta M.D. at Medical Weight Loss of NY is one of the most successful and cutting-edge weight loss and hormone replacement doctors in the industry. She successfully brings each of her patients to high-levels of sustainable health and believes that when working together with her patients, all health challenges can be overcome.

Services Offered at Medical Weight Loss of NY

  • Bariatric medicine
  • Medical weight loss
  • Trim & Tone Program
  • OPTILITE Partial Meal Replacement Program
  • OPTIFAST Full Meal Replacement Program
  • Pre-Bariatric (Weight Loss) Surgery OPTIFAST Program
  • Nutrition counseling
  • BOUNCE program for Kids
  • Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Patient Testimonial

"Here they are all the verbs that were my life: Hot flashing, brain foggy, irritable, insomniac, with no libido and no ability to concentrate, and zero focus. (My poor husband) Until I found Dr. Scinta’s office and her staff that saved me (and him) from a soggy, cranky forgetful, sexless future, that was surely mine. From the first blood draw, they measured everything, and quite frankly it was OBVIOUS why I was feeling like I was! They implanted the first pellet and about 2 nights later, I was sleeping really well, I can’t explain why, but I was. In about 3-4 weeks I was feeling so much better, no more hot flashes, no more night sweats! I was actually able to think and concentrate and focus. And believe it or not about 2 months in my libido came back! Let’s just say my husband is no longer (my poor husband) … I had a second pellet placed about 3.5 months after the first, and I am feeling amazing. I look great and I feel wonderful. If you are having all or some of the symptoms I described, quit suffering. Give Dr. Scinta a call and TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK! I did and I will not look back." - Brenda W.