Telehealth, also commonly referred to as telemedicine, is the use of audiovisual technologies such as videoconferencing, phone conferencing, email and other utilities making use of the internet and wireless communication, to communicate with healthcare professionals over distance, rather than in person.

Telehealth and telemedicine may be incorporated into many aspects of healthcare, including assessment, diagnosis, intervention, consultation and medical supervision.

Telehealth has proven to be a powerful tool for reaching patients in remote regions, patients who are immobile and patients who are at risk of disease and can more easily receive healthcare attention at home.

What is the difference between Telehealth and Telemedicine?

Many people use the terms telemedicine and telehealth interchangeably to refer to healthcare services provided remotely rather than in person. However, the two terms do have slightly different meanings, and it’s helpful to have an idea of the specifics of each when looking for services.

Telemedicine refers specifically to clinical services provided by a physician to a patient. If you are feeling ill and looking for diagnosis or treatment, telemedicine is what you are looking for. Telemedicine can usually be thought of as an alternative to visiting your doctor in person.

Telehealth refers to a much broader scope of health services that are provided remotely. Some of these services may include reminders for preventative care, using patient portals to review test results or schedule appointments, uploading food and medication logs for review and much more. Telehealth can be thought of as a more broad set of remote services for improving and maintaining your overall health.

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Just as every doctor and clinic are different, their approaches to telehealth/telemedicine and the technologies they use will differ. In order to choose the right doctor for you, you may wish to contact a few to discuss the options available, as well as the pricing.

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