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The doctors on this page all provide telemedicine services in the state of Wyoming. Telemedicine is an affordable and effective option to get the healthcare services you need from the safety and comfort of your own home. Many illnesses can be diagnosed and treated without the need for an in-person examination. For these cases and for patients who have mobility issues, are immunocompromised or are highly contagious, telemedicine is a terrific treatment option.

Choosing a Wyoming Telehealth Provider

For specific services and pricing information, we recommend contacting multiple clinics to find the provider who can best meet your needs. Even over long distance, the doctor-patient relationship is very important, so we believe that you should take the time to find a physician that you feel comfortable communicating with.

Some of our doctors listed below may have offices located in Wyoming, while others may exclusively provide telemedicine services. Contact the clinics you are interested in to learn more about where they are located and what to do should you need to see a doctor in-person.

Browse the listings below and contact a Wyoming telemedicine doctor for your initial consultation!

  Telemedicine in Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming
BioHarmony Medical

BioHarmony Medical

300 S. Jackson Street, Suite 505
Denver, Colorado 80209
Telemedicine in: CO, KS, WY
Telemedicine in Wyoming
Grand Teton Health

Grand Teton Health

610 W Broadway Ave, Suite 108
Jackson, Wyoming 83001
Telemedicine in: WY